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If you live in Fairfax, Chantilly, Herndon, George Mason University, or the Surrounding area



Do you want to learn How To:


Throw AND Defend against










Leg Locks

Neck Cranks

Ground and Pound?????



     First off many people are still confused about what MMA is they see the UFC, Strikeforce, Pride FC, WVC, Bellator, Hero's, Affliction, and all the new reality shows and they still ask me "What is MMA?"  In short MMA stands for Mixed Martial Arts and the Ultimate Fighting Championship, Strikeforce, Pride FC, One FC, Bellator, the WVC are events that let MMA athletes compete.  The UFC has become the biggest and most popular in North America, so the easiest way to think about it is the UFC to MMA fighters is like the NFL to football players.  If a football player wants to go pro at the highest level and make the most he'll try out for a NFL team, just like a MMA fighter who wants to become famous in North America will try to get in the UFC.  Now that we've discussed what the events are lets look at the fighters and what they've accomplished and how.  First off today's MMA athletes primarily train in at least 3 of what I call the "MAGIC FOUR" of martial Arts, and the funny thing is of the "MAGIC FOUR" only three have traditional martial arts belts and the other three just have championship belts and thats it.  So what are the "MAGIC FOUR" that have made ALL of the MMA champions GREAT.


     Well first we start with the standup because as much as I love Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu the fight starts standing.  First we have.... "Western Boxing".  Yup good ole boxing like your grand dad used to watch, and a amazing sport.  You need boxing because it teaches athletes how to throw a various punches, how to defend against them, and how to move around to set up better opportunities aka the WIN.  Second we have.... "Muay  Thai Kickboxing".  Muay Thai kickboxing has been kalled the art of the 8 limbs becasue it teaches Punching, Kicking, Kneeing, AND Elbowing which is one of the most devastating strikes you can throw.  Muay Thai teaches how to blend all of your strikes together using various parts of your body to strike and defend with along with showing how to grab and clinch to throw powerfull knee's and elbows aka Dirty Boxing to the Nth degree.  Now that we've gotten closer to our oponenet using the first two styles we have ..... "Free style wrestling".  Wrestling is ESSENTIAL in MMA because it helps dicatate the pace and place of the fight, will it be a standup fight, or ground war.  Wrestling teaches how to setup takedowns, and sweeps along with how to avoid them.  Many MMA champions started out as Champion pure wreslters but have now become known as knockout artist.  Why... Because they're not afraid if they miss a punch or kick someone will take them down.  They're so confident in they're ability to stay on their feet or to take someone down they can truly focus on generating as much power as possible on a punch, kick, elbow, or knee.  Now for the fourth and Final of the 'MAGIC FOUR"....  The final piece of the puzzel is what started the Ultimate Fighting Championship and what all the top fighters train in.  "Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu", most train it in the Traditional Gi like Royce Gracie did in the first UFC but others opt to go 'No-Gi" aka usualy shorts and a t-shirt or just shorts much like a wrestler does in practice.  Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is essential because while wrestling teaches the takedowns and defenses to takedowns and sweeps, nothing teaches submssions like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu/BJJ.  Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu teaches how to do arm and leg locks, chokes, reversals from horible positions along with teaching how to dominate from the top so that the strikes learned from boxing and Muay Thai can be applied on the ground. 


    Alone each is a incredible style of fighting that can be used for self defense and has been taught in Military units around the world, toghether they something AMAZING happens hence why I call them the "MAGIC FOUR" .  IF you look at any high level MMA fighter this is what they are training day in and day out.  They may modify stances or change the names but it's still Punch, kick, knee, elbow, takedown, submit.  Being able to fight standing up and on the ground, and that is what also makes it a GREAT system for self defnese and self improvement, and thats why we focus on each at Relentless MMA.  Our MMA program is always growing to fit the sport we love and the lives of our athletes to make them the best they can be.  To get them in incredible shape, while also ensuring safety in training and safety on the street.  We don't train knuckleheads and thugs we train Intelligent Athletes looking to improve themeselves.




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Footwork for MMA

Ramone's Rave Review



Before I learned about Dave Carter's unique training methods I was wasting my time in the gym using bodybuilding routines which produced mediocre results. All they gave me were muscles that were only for show and not for function. When I began using Dave Carter's workout routines I immediately noticed improvement. Not only did I build new muscle, but I had become noticeably faster, stronger, more explosive, and had increased endurance. Now I'm at the point where I can do one legged squats with weights. Something I would have never dreamed of before. I owe many thanks to Dave Carter's remarkable training methods.


Andrew Walker

College Student

Martial Artist

The primary focus of the class will be to teach each athlete to be able to attack and defend in any range of unarmed combat aka Kicking range, Punching range, Clinching range, and Grappling range.  Each class will start with a warm-up and then drilling flowing from one technique to another to make the class a TRUE Mixed Martial Arts class and not just another No Gi Jiu-Jitsu class CLASS




Warm up with solo exercises and partner drills

Drill Boxing/Kickboxing combination

Drill a take down seriesDrill a ground follow up, weather it be submission, or simple positional change ie guard pass or sweep Next is integrating all of the techniques from the boxing into the takedown and into grappling.

Finally some form of live sparring or rolling weather it be wrestling, boxing, isolated jab sparring, or takeown practice.








Over the years I have trained in many sports ranging from motor cross, traditional martial arts to competitive body building and I have never meet a more dedicated and effective coach then Dave Carter. Dave takes a personal interest in each and every ones of his clients success. Dave is dedicated to ensuring that each of his student reach their full physical and mental potential. Its easy to stand behind Dave and his systems because Dave stands behind each of his students regardless of their goals or levels. I would and do recommend Dave Carter to anyone who wants to improve their fitness level, gain self confidence or train in combat arts.


Best regards,


Director of OperationsSAXBYS COFFEE ®Metro DC, VA, MD

Combat Submission Wrestling aka CSW & Savate Thai Boxing Crosstraining aka STX Founder Erik Paulson in ACTION!


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