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Where are you located?​

Relentless MMA & Fitness/Kaizen MMA

9590 Lee Hwy, Fairfax, VA 22031

Do you offer training outside of the gym?

Yes we offer training at remote locations like parks, homes, and apartment gyms.

Do you offer Personal training?

We offer Personal/ Semi Personal and small group training in Boxing, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Savate Thai Cross training, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts, Kali, Jeet Kune Do, Self Defense, Kettelbells, Olympic lifting, Flexibility, and Weight loss training.

For Personal Training click Here

Do you offer Seminars?

We offer Muay Thai, Submission Wrestling, MMA, Self Defense, Strength and Conditioning, and Weight loss seminars.

Why private lessons?

Simply put with individualized instruction the learning curve is just INCREDIBLE.

There’s no faster way to learn ANYTHING than one on one instruction.

Think back to geometry, algebra or calculus. How many times did you wish you had someone to explain a problem to you in PLAIN SIMPLE ENGLISH? Sure you can ask in class, but honestly a lot of people think they’re the only one so usually they remain silent and hope they’ll understand the problem later, or most hope it just never comes up again.

With Private lessons you’re free to ask whatever you want, about situations IMPORTANT TO YOU.
Whether it's self defense, like how do I deal with multiple attackers, or diet, like when and what should I eat, or exercise, like how to drop those last few pounds or have unending cardio to stomp the competitions, the last thing you want is to have a problem or situation POP UP that you’re not ready to deal with.

You want SUCCESS and CERTAINTY, and that’s what private lessons offer you.
Faster than you can believe you’ll be doing things you never imagined and dissolving situations with methods you’d never thought of before but now completely understand.

Why hire a Coach?

Most people need guidance and clear direction when developing these habits that will become a regular part of their life.

A Coach serves to motivate you, to develop good habits within fitness and nutrition, and also helps form that winner mindset that we all need in day to day life.
If you are like most people, you have a circle of consultants comprised of doctors, financial advisors, clergy, assistants and more. A trainer will be a valued member of that circle as well, insuring you keep your physical health and well being in tune.

Why Coaching?


I chose the term ‘Coaching' versus ‘Personal Training' for two main reasons. First, it was important that I set myself apart. There is nothing wrong with getting a certification through one of the major companies, and then guiding people through machines and treadmills for $12 p/hr, while the club collects $60 or more per session. People get more fit everyday due to the hard work of people like this. This is not what I do.

I really guide people through training , which is repeatedly applying a stimulus to achieve a specific result.

This may be to lose fat, or to gain muscle size, but this may also be to learn how to armbar from any position, punch for 5 or even 10 minutes non stop, or throw someone twice their size ,or increase their side-kick to above their own head height, or shorten their 40yd dash by half a second. This may be to gain power while not gaining weight, or to increase their flexibility substantially.

These are skills not easily acquired through ACE or IDEA, again, no offense, it's just not what they do. Secondly, coaching implies a few things about me and about you. First, it implies that I am not just going to tell you what to do, but I am going to coach you on all the aspects that affect your performance , whether it be nutrition, endurance, strength, power or bodyweight or whatever, and the coaching encompasses or takes into account all of these factors and more. Secondly, what does it say about you? It says that you are going somewhere, that you are being guided through a journey, and as you progress, your performance, your measured results , will change. I want every client that I coach to think of themselves as an athlete, no matter what they are doing or training for, because it is the mindset that is most important. That mindset is, is this improving my performance? Is this enabling me to do better than before? If it is not, it must be discarded.


What goes on during your Consultation/First Session?

I start with a questionnaire that goes over many aspects of your life, from, diet, to sleep, to occupation, to stressors (because people eat when they get stressed), to activity/workout habits, along with any prior injuries, medications. Then we’ll go over your goals, to get bigger, or smaller, leaner, more flexible, and toned, or even competition, or just learning self defense/martial arts or maybe just maybe because you want to just feel good and do something new that ads value to your life. From there we’re going to check your weight, body measurements, and bodyfat percentage (we gotta know what were up against, and when we make progress). Then we’ll move over to a full body functional screening/assessment to find where your strong and weak points are (most problems in the body like lower back pain or knee pain if they’re not caused by some outrageous accident are just muscular imbalances that can be corrected in a few days to a few weeks leaving you pain free from things that used to slow you down). After the screening we’ll actually start the workout which will be a combination of exercises and drills to bring out your full potential and help you reach YOUR goals as fast as possible. This takes 20-30 minutes, but don't worry the first session is usually a hour and a half to almost two hours. I believe in taking the time to create a solid foundation, and unlike many trainers I don't believe in "Wham bam thank you mam/client". I do what I do because I love it, and I love bringing the best out of people, so if it takes an extra 15, 20, or even 30 minutes for you to "get it" then I think you're worth it.

What goes on in a session or a group of sessions?

Well with my method we begin with the end in mind and that means goals, we all have them for one reason or another whether it's to lose weight for a tournament, to fit into those old clothes again, or so you can show off at the beach, or just to get off the couch. With our sessions we analyze what your goals are and come up with a logical and organized plan to get them. A session can vary from day to day, we might be doing kickboxing for a few sessions then get into how to turn those same techniques into self defense moves if the need arrive, you might realize you're leaning up but now you want to put some size on those legs or arms or take some away from you belly so we'll incorporate more weight or strength training to make sure you get the results you want. But above all else during a session IT'S YOUR TIME. I'm simply a guide if you want to train like a UFC champ one day, AWESOME, if you realize some old injury is holding you back then we'll attack that injury with same intensity. No matter the barrier we can over it, around it, under it, or straight through it.

How long is a session?

I do things a little differently where the first 10 sessions or so are usually close to a hour and a half long if not more. I do this to ensure a strong foundation. I'd rather spend an extra 20 minutes or half hour with someone so they understand a concept, ie defense, punch, kick, squat, throw or other movement, rather than rushing them through a hour long session and having that person leave confused which will then mess up the next session. I see my purpose is to make sure you "get it", otherwise I see it as wasting your time. When you come back for the next session I want you to be ready mentally and physically!

Where are you located?
Private, Semi Private, Small group sessions are available at Nova MMA/Team Lloyd Irvin Martial Arts and Fitness First in Arlington right by the Court House metro stop, at Lloyd Irvin's Mixed Martial Arts Academy in Camp Springs Maryland, and also at the Fitness First Chain of gyms Located in Virginia, DC, and Maryland. I also offer at home training as an additional option so there's no excuse for not reaching your goals.

Do you do small group training or special custom Classes?
Yes, if you have a group interested in training regularly or for special events feel free to contact me about special group discount rates.


How long until I see results?


Exercise has a cumulative effect. Things don't happen immediately. This is where I must be honest, where many ‘trainers' will lie to you. It takes time, and hard work. A lot of hard work. If forging a great body, or strength or athletic ability were easy, there would 1000's of Brad Pitts, Serena Williams and Tiger Woods out there, but there are not. Most of my training plans are made up of 4-6 week blocks. Three or four of these blocks might be considered one ‘macrocycle'. After one macrocycle, someone with no previous strength training experience could easily lose 15 lbs of fat, or gain the same in muscle, could improve their performance in major lifts like the Bench Press or Squat by 20-30%, maybe more, given the quickness with which you improve when the stimulus is completely novel. Now, when it comes to more experienced trainees, that's entirely by a case to case basis, but I would never accept a trainee that I knew that I could not improve substantially. If I could not, I would refer you to another trainer, or a doctor.




Will I get a black eye if I do this?

The answer is a resounding "NO"!!! Safety is of the utmost concern. The athletes/clients trained within the Dynamic Concepts are constantly evolving and improving, all safety precautions are taken to protect the Athlete so the athlete can EVOLVE and IMPROVE, and this takes many forms in training, weight loss, increased self confidence, increased physical ability in the realms of Cardio, Flexibility, Explosiveness, Strength and overall Conditioning using a series of exercises and drills, along with a adaptable eating program based on understanding food, vitamins, and supplements for peak performance in Boxing, Muay Thai kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Submission grappling, Mixed Martial Arts, and Self Defense armed and unarmed, but also in other activities, like running, playing soccer, football, basketball, tennis tennis, hiking, and several other sports due to the improved hand eye coordination, foot eye coordination, and improved reaction time.


What about my diet?

What about it? Honestly I like to think I teach proper eating habits more than anything. I do give specialized diets to maximize my clients/athlete's goals but I know we are all people and baked fish, yams, and spinach get old after a while so I focus on making sure you understand "What you put in, is what you get out!" With that in your mind it makes it MUCH easier to make healthy food decisions that will benifit your life. I will show you how to make healthy food choices at home, at work, on the run, and on vacation (because those are the KEY areas where so many people fall)

How long is a session?


There are THREE levels of Training sessions

The first session includes a Free 30 minute consultation and physical assessment..


The Ultimate Booster
The Ultimate Booster is a 30 minute session that is perfect for people looking to save time, already working out, people looking for a new workout program, people looking to learn new lifting or martial arts techniques (ie punches, kicks, throws, or Olympic lifts and kettlebells), people looking to do rehab to get back in shape, people looking to improve balance, and flexibility, or simply those looking for someone to mix things up and bring something new to what they're doing now.


New exercises
Proper form on exercises including but not limited to body building, strength and conditioning, Olympic lifting and Kettlebells
Self defense techniques
Assisted stretching
workout consultations
workout design
diet and supplement consultations
those short on time
people looking to maximize their lunch hour
those looking for for a fast INTENSE workout
people who want to compliment there current workout with Boxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts and Self Defense move
The Ultimate Workout
The Ultimate Workout is a 60 minute session that includes all the great benefits of the booster program but also includes more time to really help you get the results you're looking for. This is great for those interested in boxing and Martial arts because they can do strength training and conditioning and work on specific fighting skills in the same workout ( ie do a strength and conditioning or body sculpting circuit followed by Boxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, MMA, Weapons, or Self Defense training.


The Ultimate Warrior Workout
The Ultimate Warrior Workout is a 90 minute session for those looking for the complete package to take things to the next level whether that be taking your martial skills to the next level with more in depth training, and sparring drills, or those looking for a total workout that truly addresses them as an individual and addresses there needs from warm-up, workout, stretching and recovery along with diet.


How much is training?


OPEN SESSIONS (this includes all gym training fees)

(Sessions do not expire and suggested for those with a more hectic schedule, if you have a hectic schedule then this is for you)

1 session = 110 your 1st session is only 55

5 session at 60 a session = 300

10 sessions at 50 a session = 500

1 session is 200 your 1st session is 100

5 session at 110 a session = 550

10 session at 90 a session = 900

20 session at 85 a session = 1700

1 session is 300, your first is half off for 150

5 session at 160 a session = 800

10 session at 125 a session = 1250

20 session at 115 a session = 2300


(These sessions are month to month with no roll over)

1x a week for 4 weeks x 45 a session = 4 sessions for 180

2x a week for 4 weeks x 40 a session = 8 sessions for 320

3x a week for 4 weeks x 37.50 a session = 12 sessions for 450

1x a week for 4 weeks (or 4x a month) at 90 a session = 4 sessions for 360

2x a week for 4 weeks at 78.75 a session = 8 sessions a month for 630

3x a week for 4 weeks at 75 a session = 12 sessions a month for 900

1x a week for for weeks (or 4x a month) at 125 a session = 4 sessions for 500

2x a week for 4 weeks at 115 a session = 8 sessions a month for 920

3x a week for 4 weeks at 108.34 a session = 12 sessions a month for 1300

With the 2x a week plan you get one free session a month,

With the 3x a week plan you get 2 free session a month, that's 2 FREE MONTHS A YEAR!!!


30 min Booster    1 person    2 people    3 people    4 people
1x /week or 4x/ month    180    100 per person    80 per person    60 per person
2x/week or 8x/month    320    176 per person    120 per person    88 per person
3x/week or 12x/month    450    240 per person    168 per person    120 per person

1 hour    1 person    2 people    3 people    4 people
1x /week or 4x/ month    360    200 per person    160 per person    120 per person
2x/week or 8x/month    630    360 per person    280 per person    200 per person
3x/week or 12x/month    900    480 per person    360 per person    240 per person

90 minute    1 person    2 people    3 people    4 people
1x /week or 4x/ month    500    280 per person    240 per person    200 per person
2x/week or 8x/month    920    520 per person    440 per person    360 per person
3x/week or 12x/month    1300    720 per person    600 per person    480 per person

Why is training so expensive?

Why isn't it even more expensive!? Doctors spend 5 minutes with you during an office visit, rarely listening to what YOU have to say, and prescribing the same drug they do to dozens of patients a day. Personal trainers spend hours with you and give you personalized attention while typically making a fraction of a doctor's salary! How much is your health worth to you? Consider it an investment, after all ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure'. When you are fit and healthy, medical bills drop, sick days are reduced and you are more energetic and productive. Those things translate directly to positively impact your bottom line - both personally and financially.


Thanks! Message sent.

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